Laser Spine Surgery in Beverly Hills

Minimally invasive laser spine surgery is a cutting-edge new technology in the field of spine surgery that allows for skilled surgeons to operate on a variety of spinal conditions through just a small incision. Compared to traditional spine surgery, which often relies on large incisions which cut through muscle in order to reach the spine, laser spine surgery has a myriad of benefits, including less scarring, less recovery time, and less post-operative pain. In addition, the time spent in the hospital is significantly reduced.

Minimally invasive spine surgery takes much less time to perform than traditional spine surgery, and requires only local anesthesia. Following a minimally invasive surgery, many patients are able to return home the same day!

Laser Spine Surgery Beverly Hills

Laser Spine Surgery in Los Angeles

Dr. Todd Gravori of ProMed SPINE is the foremost expert in laser spine surgery in Beverly Hills. He pioneered endoscopic spine surgery techniques and is widely regarded as a leader in the field. Dr. Gravori’s policy is to always put the patient first, and that means starting with the most conservative treatment options available before escalating to surgery. However, with laser spine surgery, most of the drawbacks of traditional spine surgery are significantly lessened. Since an endoscope can be used to view the spine through a small incision, it is not necessary to cut any muscles, resulting in reduced post-operative pain. The incision is often merely the size of a dime, allowing for a much smaller scar than traditional back surgery.

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Spine surgery is a scary thought for many people; however, with innovative advances in spine surgery technology, it is a much safer and less painful surgery to go through. If you have a spinal condition which is not responding well to conservative treatments such as medication and physical therapy, don’t be afraid to approach the idea of minimally invasive spine surgery with a well-qualified surgeon!

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